Welcome to the Family!

Back in 1995, when we started this “project”, we planned to plant some grapes and make some great Georgia wine. We knew that we would have a good red and good white, eventually a tasting room and a wine club. Well, we made the good red and a good white…and quite a few others that we are very proud of.  

Being the first in the county meant that there was some groundbreaking to be done… The tasting room opened in 2001 and things got busy. The wine club was always on the list and now is the time!

We will pick some of our favorites for you and make some just for you! We will share with you what makes them special and our suggestions for food pairings. We’re pretty good at that…we love to eat and what’s a great meal without great Georgia Wine? 

We will also share some family recipes and maybe some family secrets…and officially welcome you into our family!

We have made many friends, had some good times, some sad times and now, as we anticipate our 21st harvest, the family is ready for you. We hope you will join us in this journey of fun wines and fun times.

Welcome Home and Cheers!


Sharon Paul

(And the rest of the family) 

Ken, Hezzie,  Hannah, Madison, Hannah Jo, Janet, Michael, Gaspar and Andres.

Join our Wine Club!

The release will be fantastic!

Two Levels, Events, Discounts and More!

We told you it was coming!